Dear Exhibitor,

First of all, thank you for being a part of our finish line at Celebrate San Diego inside Petco Park!

Please review the information in the The Final Instructions below for important load-in details. For the latest map and booth assignments, visit Celebrate San Diego.

Also, take few minutes to review the following two sections of our Participant Final Instructions, making special note of the latest update on COVID-19 – and important information on how we can work together to prevent its spread.

We look forward to seeing you at our finish line inside Petco Park!  🙂

Warm Regards,
The San Diego Half Expo Crew

Petco Load-in Instructions:

Sunday, March 15
5:30am-5:45am: If you have not coordinated otherwise beforehand, please meet our staff at 7th & K St. just outside the Gaslamp Gate to obtain your wristband credentials & parking pass. You must bring your ID and wear the wristband to access the ballpark before 7am. After 7am, the gates are open to the public.

6am-6:45am: Please unload and Park your vehicle. You can park in any metered spot, as parking in downtown San Diego is free on Sundays or you can use our parking ticket at the nearby 6th & K Parkade.

7:05am-noon: All runners will be finishing on the field during this time.

Petco Load-Out Instructions:

Sunday, March 15
Noon-2pm. Load out from  7th & K St. just outside the Gaslamp Gate.

We also wanted to share with you these two sections from our Participant Final Instructions:


As always, we ask that participants take personal responsibility for your safety. If you have a temperature and/or are not feeling well, do not attend the event. We will be implementing safety [...]

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