SDPD Downtown traffic control notes:
Here is a downtown map of the SD Half Marathon and 5K in my area  (Start, Finish, 5K) South of B St. and/or South of Grape.     Legend:   Dark Blue = Half Marathon Runners,   Red=5K Runners,   Green=Traffic,  Orange=Barricades/Cones,  Light Blue = Crossings when possible, or bus crossings at all times.
I identified a few issues with solutions.
·         New paved island in the center of Pac Hwy, north of Broadway, just outside new hotel.    Runners can’t run down the center here, so we can move them to run southbound in the #1, and #2 northbound lanes.   Vehicles will be in the #3 northbound lane, and in the southbound lanes.
·         G St. between Pac Hwy and Kettner has garages on both the north and south side of G St.   The garage on the north side of  G St. will have to exit to the west in the parking lane on the north side of G St.
·         Union St. between G St. and Market St. has traffic on the west side, and a Garage on the east side, so runners will have to stay in the middle of Union.
·         Market St. between 1st and 2nd has the only  garage exit/entrance for Ralph’s grocery on the north side.   I think we can keep traffic westbound in a tight curb lane and still have runners in the regular westbound lanes running eastbound.
·         7th Ave. west side between E St. and F St.   Parking lots must exit southbound to E St.
·         7th Ave. west side between Market and Island.  Parking lots must exit southbound to Island Ave.
·         7th Ave. east side between J St. and K St.   Garage on east side will have access via the east side of 7th and J.   Two-way traffic in and out ,in one lane, managed by SETC’s.
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